Inward Expansion

I tried to touch God.

I reached up and outside myself…searching, made myself flat…kept myself quiet and small.

Praying. Listening. Calling.

With no response. So, I

reached down, inside myself…made myself wide…expanding myself…growing large and loud

filling up my space.

I filled my cup, then I emptied it, and filled it again and again and again.

Then, something stirred within the depths of me, something rumbled awake.

Eyes smoldering like embers, fire roaring into life. I saw myself,


I stripped myself down, to flesh and bone and soul and wept with the truth standing there, bare and naked too.

Both the light and the shadows sang at once, in harmony, a song I do not have the language to sing.

I am the altar

and its offering.

I am the ritualistic prayer on the minds, hearts, lips of the weary and the goddess who answers the cry.

I am divine.

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