Coming Soon: The Wellspring Collection

An artisan product made by our own two hands with love and wellness in mind.

From Brown Girls to Wise Women

A collection of bath and body products designed to be simple, natural, honest, just like us


What is it?

The Wellspring ™ is an artisan product made by our own two hands with love and wellness in mind. We used a proprietary blend of coconut & grapeseed oils infused with dried homegrown sage and lavender buds. The result is an earthy, yet fresh, deeply nourishing product that seems to nurture our spirit as much as it does our moisture parched skin.

Sage and lavender have long been used spiritually, medicinally and cosmetically for generations by all manner of indigenous people. Lavender, a natural bug repellent with antibacterial properties, also seems to inspire feelings of peace and calm. While, sage, used by healers for centuries, for its anti-bacterial properties to cleanse the air, also has anti-inflammatory, and skin renewing benefits.

The result is a rich, nourishing oil with spiritual peace and protection in mind. You can certainly use the oil on its own but, we have also mixed it into hand crafted body bars, bath bombs, and lip balms for you to enjoy!

Brown Girls Out Loud

Healing begins when we prioritize our own health and well-being. Along with maintaining our physical health, the ritual of cleansing one’s body, mind, and spirit are critical to our wellness too. This line was created with the intention of moisturizing your skin but with the inclusion of sage, we are adding something spiritually powerful. In this way we hope using these products helps cleanse negative energy from your space while also protecting you from spiritual assault.

I am so excited to be able to share this offering, in conjunction with my long-time creative partner and friend Asia Renée. Our goal is to keep us all beautifully buttered and unbothered in 2018 and beyond.

Thank you!

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