It took me fifteen years to learn to read a deck of cards confidently.

I regret to admit I’ve spent almost as much time doubting my guts and my gifts. I spent way more time than that giving my gifts away. Healers and lovers tend to do that. We give without expecting in return.

My journey was one of self worth. Self acceptance means very different things to different people, for me it is about accepting my flaws and celebrating my truth.

Intuiting, listening, feeling, honoring and trusting my emotional intelligence, my “knowing” took leaps of faith and works of love.

Every reading is like that. A work of love, a work of art. A woven tapestry capturing a moment in your journey. Validating your space in the universe. You are the magic. I am merely the messenger.

I spent fifteen years learning how to read cards confidently but, I’ve spent my whole life dedicated to loving people confidently. I hope our time together reflects that.

Thank you for being here with me! May all our roads lead to healing and enlightenment.